The photobook gift box in reliable Saal quality

Our photobook and gift box simply belong together

The photobook and the tailor-made gift box simply belong together

How can you make your high end photo book look more attractive and decorative? With the photobook gift box you receive a packaging, which is made of high quality materials and is custom tailored to your photo book. A perfect pair.

The gift box is suitable as an elegant gift wrapping as well as a place for safe storage. The plastic foam inside surronds and protects your photo book

The photobook gift box is available in glossy wihte and anthracite.

The gift box enhances the overall appearance of the photobook

The surface of the gift packaging is available in glossy white and matte anthracite, thus providing not only for a particularly noble look, but also for the associated haptics, and immediately informs the viewer of the quality of the content.

When the box is opened, the view immediately falls on the photo book, which is enclosed by a novel foam frame. This is individually tailored to your photo book, so that both form a single unit.

The photobook gift wrapping comes without a disturbing logo.

Just like the photobook, you will not find a disturbing manufacturer logo on the gift box.

We refrain completely from using our logo on our products. The packaging does not only present a higher quality but also as a neutral gift box and may be interesting for resellers.

Safely kept in reliable Saal quality

The high quality gift box is not only an elegant gift idea, but also suitable for secure storage. The gift wrapping prevents unintentional damage as well as dirt and dust from collecting. The stable foam inside the box surrounds the photo book so that it is secure and protects the cover as well as the edges.

The gift box suits your hardcover photobook perfectly.

Customized packing for your photobook

Depending on the design and finish of the photobook, the gift package is available for the hardcover photobook as well as for the photobook XT. The size of the gift box is 33 x 33 cm. For the 16.5 x 11 photobook there is a separate box with the dimensions 48 x 33.5 cm. The inlay of the box is individually tailored to the respective format.

The large panorama photobook has a larger and adjusted gift box.

The small discreet indentation on the edge of the foam allows you to simply lift the photo book out of the inlay without leaving visible traces - unique. The gift box opens like a book. 

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