Create and design a photobook with Saal Digital Software

Preserve your unforgettable memories in a photobook

Go on and discover and learn more about the different formats as well as the types of refinement.

Saal Digital Photobook Tutorial

This tutorial provides a step-by-step guide to creating your design with the Saal Design Software - from opening the program to ordering the photobook. Dive into the Saal Digital product world and get to know the photobook as well as the multitude of configuration possibilities.

OneMinute Photobook Tutorial

Learn how to quickly create a photobook using the OneMinute Photobook function. Once created, you can make changes and fine tune your book. You can find this design option in the Saal Design Software and in our webshop.

AutoLayout Photobook Tutorial

The AutoLayout function in the Saal Digital software offers the perfect blend of design freedom and automation for a completely customized photobook. Find out how the AutoLayout function can help you design yours.

Create and format personalized text

In this short video, we show you how you can create personalized text with our Saal Design Software. You will get to know all the capabilities of our text tool so that you can always find exactly what you are looking for.

Changing design lines

In this one-minute video we show you how you can change the design lines in our Saal Design Software. You can choose from a variety of design lines and use the options offered by our design lines tool to perfectly complement your personal photobook.

Configure a photobook in the Saal Design software

In this video, we explain how to configure a photobook in the Saal Design software. Different format options and choices for the cover and inside pages allow you to personalize your photobook. 







How to order from Saal Digital

Your order options at Saal Digital are as unique as your pictures. Choose from the different possibilities to design your photo product according to your own wishes and requirements and then order it.
Direct Upload

Direct Upload

  • PDF-Upload and dimensions
    Design photobook pages in an external software and upload them as a PDF; file templates with dimensions
  • Color management and ICC profiles
    Extensive information about color management and ICC download
  • Saal Design Plug-in
    Free plug-in for Photoshop and InDesign to configure your photobook

Our recommendation

Saal Design Software USA

  • Full range of functions
    All editing options - including color correction, shadows, image arrangement and much more
  • Customize your design
    Clipart and text for your images
  • Save Offline
    Save projects locally and you can edit them at any time
Direct UploadDirect Upload
Saal Design Software USASaal Design Software USA
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