Place and menu cards

Individually and affectionately self-made

You can use the same design template for the menu card (12 x 20 cm) and place card (10 x 5 cm) so that you match each other. The example shows the template "Spring".

Free Sample

Get a first impression of the card you have designed with a free sample copy.

Custom Quantity

Determine your order quantity individually. Small quantities starting with a single print are possible.

There are no annoying manufacturer logos on all Saal Digital photo products.

6-Color Printing

Exceptional color rendition with lifelike tones thanks to 6-color printing.

No Barcode

Saal Digital does not use barcodes. You will receive a completely neutral photo product.

The place card is available in 10 x 5 cm and its design can be adjusted to suit the menu cards. You can write the names of the guests on the place cards with a pen.

Place cards for clear seating arrangements

At every event, the seating arrangement topic is of great importance. For this reason, special attention should be paid to it, because the mood at a table rises and falls depending on which guests are sitting there. With these cards, you can gracefully show each of your guests which place is right for them. In addition, place cards add the finishing touches to your table and give your guests a warm welcome.

Personalized greetings for your guests

The Saal Design software offers you a wide range of design options that will turn your place cards into an eye-catcher in no time at all. Match the design and colors of the place cards to the rest of the table decoration. Writing the names of your guests on the place cards with a fountain pen adds an exceptionally fancy touch and your guests are given a warm welcome with your own personal flair.

Configuring your place cards

  • Paper types: Classic, Pearl, Structured
  • Two customizable sides
  • Free sample available
Classic is a bright white, matte paper

"Classic" Paper

The "Classic" paper type with a weight of 300 g/m² boasts an extremely smooth and bright white matte surface. The 6-color print ensures brilliant colors in lifelike photo quality.

Structured paper

"Structured" Paper

The "Structured" paper with 300g/m² not only gives your card character, but also has a high recognition value. The 6-color print ensures brilliant colors in lifelike photo quality.

Pearl paper provides characteristics of shimmering reflections

"Pearl" Paper

If you place a high value on design, the "Pearl" paper is exactly the right choice. The extraordinary surface features intense, shimmering reflections. The 6-color print produces brilliant colors in lifelike photo quality.

The menu card is available in portrait format and the table card in landscape format. Three types of paper are available.

Stylish and unique menu cards

Have you already selected the dishes and treats you would like to serve during your event or celebration? Then present your arrangement to your guests with a self-designed menu card. It serves not only as an information to the guests, but also as an elegant table decoration.

A good match for your table decorations

With our Saal Design Software, you can easily create your own menu card for your event. It helps you to turn your imagination into reality only within a few steps. You can even adjust the design and colour of the menu card so that it suits the rest of the table decorations. Both the inside and outside of the menu card can be designed and individualized.

Configuring your menu cards

  • Paper types: Classic, Pearl, Structured
  • Four customizable sides
  • Free sample available

How to order from Saal Digital

Your order options at Saal Digital are as unique as your pictures. Choose from the different possibilities to design your photo product according to your own wishes and requirements and then order it.


  • Swift Ordering
    Design and order directly in your browser
  • Online Image Import
    Import photos from Dropbox, Google Drive, Facebook and Instagram
  • Store and Share Online
    Save projects and edit them later

Our recommendation

Saal Design Software USA

  • Full range of functions
    All editing options - including color correction, shadows, image arrangement and much more
  • Customize your design
    Clipart and text for your images
  • Save Offline
    Save projects locally and you can edit them at any time
Saal Design Software USASaal Design Software USA

Customer reviews

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4.8 / 5
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Excerpt from recently published customer comments
Marc on 03.02.2019
"Being a freelance photographer any chance I get to to help out startup companys I take it because I believe in the small companies that have a new way to deliver products helps push innovation dining the world better methods to showcase your art. I'm truly satisfied with the quality of saal photo books. The quality of the construction is superior to most other companies with a very high focus in the attention to every little detail. The software for designing the books is pretty good fairly easy to use but isn't anything fancy but it works well. Delivery time is good I waited about 8 days for my book to arrive and for the quality it surprised me with how quick I received my product. Overall I'm truly impressed with the final product and would recommend this company to anyone wanting a quality product."
Matthew on 26.01.2019
"Great easy service again SAAL"
Elizabeth on 25.01.2019
"The book is great quality, total lay flat. Solid cover, nice quality paper, nice and thick pages. Packaging and delivery time were exceptional."
Brian on 24.01.2019
"Very pleased with the quality of the printing. On art paper the photographs looked painterly."
Laura on 19.01.2019
"I've been using Saal Digital UK for a while now and I am really impressed by the quality of the photographs. Just amazing. I will keep printing wall prints and suggesting to others to do the same."
Robert on 17.01.2019
"Software very nice to use and the Quality of the albums is excellent. Many Thanks"
Customer review from 16.01.2019
"I have been using you for a while, after being introduced on your review scheme. You offer such a great product for the amount you pay and the design software is really useful. It might take some getting used to, but it educated you and explains the steps without needing to contact anyone for help."
Stephen on 14.01.2019
"I have not received my order yet but my previous experiences tell me that the quality of the job will be excellent. I just wish the delivery time could be shorter so that I could get to see the fruits of our labour more quickly!! If I could give your software 6 stars I would, its so easy to use. I look forward to yet another top quality photobook arriving shortly"
Simon on 14.01.2019
"returning customer"
Thomas on 14.01.2019
"I was received a voucher to try out one of the square LayFlat Photo Books to display some of my photographic works. I was admittedly hesitant at first, since I have had some less than vibrant works from other companies in the past that seemed not really worth my time or money, but I decided to try this out after reading the reviews. The software was a little confusing to learn in the beginning of my process, and James was excellent in providing some helpful tips to use the software as well as giving me a little more time to use the voucher. This in turn gave me the confidence I need to trust in Saal Digital as a company and I pursued the photo book to completion. I was extremely impressed when my photo book showed up at my door that same week after I submitted my order, having been printed and sent to me so much faster than anticipated. What I hadn’t realized yet was how incredible this book would be! Cover to cover this photo book is hands down the most vibrantly powerful and accurately colored photo book I own. Each print is exactly as if I had seen it off my computer screen. No artifacts, ink bleeding, or flat tonal ranges! The blacks came out black and the whites came out white. Dynamic range is exactly how I captured the image. The lay flat design keeps my images from getting cropped by the binding and the solid construction keeps that design durable to last me a very long time. It is really truly a marvel to see. This first book is now on my coffee table for clients to view and enjoy (and they have already!), and I have not only recommended this company to other photographer friends I am also going to order again from Saal Digital myself in the near future. It is absolutely worth it."
Jen on 11.01.2019
"I received a voucher towards a professional line photobook to test the product. The service was exceptional, James extended the voucher time as he recognised I hadn’t been able to complete it due to work pressures and Christmas. The software was quite easy to navigate and delivery time was good. It’s arrived today and I think it’s stunning. Seeing my photography displayed within this quality photobook is awesome. I will definitely promote these to my wedding clients."
Customer review from 10.01.2019
"I’ve received two photo books from Saal Digital and I really like both of them. There was an error on the first book I ordered and Saal gave me a voucher for an entire new book; their customer service is definitely top quality. I recommend to my friends, family and clients all the time. As a photographer who has printed both professionally shot and amateur photos in their books, I say the quality produced definitely exceeds my expectations."
Roy on 04.01.2019
"I have used Saal to print work for my Batchelor of Arts and Master of Art work, where quality and dependability is of utmost importance. I would not trust my work to anyone else."
Customer review from 30.12.2018
"Website is very quick and easy to use. Really like the different finishes and printing options available. You can customise your print, so you are getting something original, really looking forward to receiving my print!"
James on 26.12.2018
"I ordered a small photobook of wedding photographs last year - the reproduction was good; the photos weren't artificially hyper contrasted like they are in many other providers. It was good enough that I've come back to order again. The software is in a league of its own and the delivery was excellent. The best company I think; only thing to improve on slightly was the quality of the matte cover; printing wasn't quite as good as the pages (though still good)."
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