Your message enclosed in a folding card

Custom design in landscape format

The design template "David" can be found in the software under Designs|Layouts in the category "Baby".

Free Sample

Get a first impression of the card you have designed with a free sample copy.

Custom Quantity

Determine your order quantity individually. Small quantities starting with a single print are possible.

There are no annoying manufacturer logos on all Saal Digital photo products.

6-Color Printing

Exceptional color rendition with lifelike tones thanks to 6-color printing.

No Barcode

Saal Digital does not use barcodes. You will receive a completely neutral photo product.

The templates in the software offer you a wide selection of designs for various occasions. Add your own pictures and messages.
Classic is a bright white, matte paper

"Classic" Paper

The "Classic" paper type with a weight of 300 g/m² boasts an extremely smooth and bright white matte surface. The 6-color print ensures brilliant colors in lifelike photo quality.

Structured paper

"Structured" Paper

The "Structured" paper with 300g/m² not only gives your card character, but also has a high recognition value. The 6-color print ensures brilliant colors in lifelike photo quality.

Pearl paper provides characteristics of shimmering reflections

"Pearl" Paper

If you place a high value on design, the "Pearl" paper is exactly the right choice. The extraordinary surface features intense, shimmering reflections. The 6-color print produces brilliant colors in lifelike photo quality.

Made for your panoramic pictures

The card collection from Saal Digital offers several possibilities to present your message. One of them is the folding card, which is available in landscape format and offers plenty of space for your panorama images.

The fold is located on the longest side of the card. The folding card opens upwards and can also be used decoratively. For the design we offer templates in the software, but an individual design of the card is also possible.

An overview

  • three different types of paper
  • all four sides can be designed
  • envelope available if needed
  • free sample available
The folding cards are also available with various design templates. These can be found in the software in the category Designs/Layouts. Our example shows the templates "Spring" and "Ben".

Your folded cards

The folded cards are available in landscape format and can be ordered in your desired quantity starting with 1 single print. You can also determine the paper finish of your card as well as add suitable envelopes.

We do not print a barcode or logo at all, so that you can make full use of the space on all four sides. This gives you a completely neutral photo product.

Your design

Choose from different design templates or create the layout of your folded card yourself. The numerous design options in the free software will help you to create your own design.

In addition to different fonts, clipart, filters and effects, you can also decorate your images and texts with different borders and backgrounds to create a completely individual card.

How to order from Saal Digital

Your order options at Saal Digital are as unique as your pictures. Choose from the different possibilities to design your photo product according to your own wishes and requirements and then order it.


  • Swift Ordering
    Design and order directly in your browser
  • Online Image Import
    Import photos from Dropbox, Google Drive, Facebook and Instagram
  • Store and Share Online
    Save projects and edit them later

Our recommendation

Saal Design Software USA

  • Full range of functions
    All editing options - including color correction, shadows, image arrangement and much more
  • Customize your design
    Clipart and text for your images
  • Save Offline
    Save projects locally and you can edit them at any time
Saal Design Software USASaal Design Software USA

Customer reviews

very good
4.8 / 5
of 642 customer reviews
5 stars
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Excerpt from recently published customer comments
Chris on 06.12.2018
"I've previously ordered standard photo books from Saal and have been extremely pleased with the results. As such I was very interested to take a look at the Professional line, so I put together a sample album for my wedding photography business. Designing it used the same Saal software that I had used with the previous photo books and so was very familiar and easy. Having received the album, the quality is fantastic. It's bound in a nice quality leather cover, with a very substantial acrylic cover, which really makes the cover picture pop. I opted for the matt photo paper pages, which have previously been my preference. These aren't totally matt, but more of a lustre finish with a slight texture to them, which perfectly compliments my photography. My only criticism is that, while the pages feel a very nice thickness in the standard photo books, set next to the very thick acrylic cover, they seem less substantial. They are actually the same thickness, it's just the contrast between the pages and the cover that makes them seem less in balance with the over all book. As such I think I would order the XT version next time, to get the thicker pages. This is however very much a personal taste thing and other people may love it the way it is. Overall I have no hesitation in adding this to range of products that I will be offering to my clients."
David on 06.12.2018
"Great as Always"
Customer review from 05.12.2018
"Love the services, very impressive!"
Walter on 04.12.2018
"Thanks , I m Glad working with you !!"
Mike on 02.12.2018
"Thanks for the Great service"
Harry on 02.12.2018
"Instagram. I run my own print selling business on my account. You are now the brand I use to print these."
Customer review from 02.12.2018
"This is my first experience using Saal so looking forward to receiving the orders and making a final evaluation. Software is excellent to work with, my single complaint would be the frustrations at checkout, I had many orders which I tried to add to the basket but the photos just bunched together confusing the order so I had to place each one separately incurring four delivery charges and four separate deliveries where as if it could have been consolidated to a single basket with each project I would have saved time and money."
Customer review from 29.11.2018
"Quality prints, great prices, and really fast delivery. I won't go anywhere else now."
Customer review from 28.11.2018
"I'm finding the software not very intuitive with regards to size of print and position. Perhaps I'm missing some instructions."
Customer review from 27.11.2018
"Awaiting my first order so cannot yet comment on quality, delivery etc. Your software however is superb."
Customer review from 27.11.2018
"OMG uploaded my pics for a 36 page photo book on 11/21 and I already have it in my hand less than a week later 11/16. It's beautiful! Thank you so much to the team at Saal!!! PhyllisBurchettPhoto"
danny on 23.11.2018
"Very pleased with service. Slight problem with a damaged box but quickly resolved."
David on 20.11.2018
"Already had one book printed from you and now have a second done as a gift for a family member at christmas. The quality is amazing and everyone that has looked through our pictures has absolutely loved it."
Customer review from 20.11.2018
"It's great to have a real sample set!"
Customer review from 19.11.2018
"EXCELLENT service! I had one of my images printed for Wall Decors - Gallery Print style - Aluminium subframe with a glass layer on top. The print is spectacular! it's an underwater subject and the bright ethereal colours are exactly as per my postproduction. The colours are vivacious and the contrast of the image was respected without blowing the highlights (which is essential for my images). The definition of the print is high quality and itself is a beautiful object to hang on the wall. Delivery was fairly reasonable, considering I have ordered a big size print. The only slight issue is that the glass is quite reflective. For a gallery print style, I would probably add an anti-reflective glass or give an option for extra money. I chose the glossy paper as I thought that it would have highlighted the colours and contrast of the images, which it did perfectly. maybe this combined to the glass made it quite reflective. I would definitely recommend them at any time and I will definitely order many more prints and probably a photobook from them."
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