Create your individual birth announcement cards

Take advantage of the various design possibilities in the Saal Design Software

Baby Designs

Birth announcement cards

Announce the birth of your baby with lovely and self-designed cards. A beautiful souvenir that marks the beginning of his/her life.

Try out new ideas

Try out different ideas with the help of the Saal Design Software. Take advantage of the various functions and adjust the colours and texts as well.

Create the birth announcement cards with the software with your favorite photos and colors. You can decide the style of the cards yourself, be it humorous or sweet.

Share the news with the whole world

The birth of a baby is a wonderful event, which you'd like to share with the whole world. Nothing is more meaningful than to send your family and friends an individual birth announcement card

A birth announcement card marks the beginning of the life of your baby, and is a wonderful souvenir at the same time.

Templates for birth announcement cards

You can make your own design or take advantage of the different design templates for birth announcement cards in the software. Adjust the texts, fonts and colours according to your photos. Discover the different design possibilities now.

Create the birth announcement cards now with the software

Thank you cards

The birth of your baby is a wonderful event for you as well as for your family and friends. Would you like to thank them for the nice greetings and gifts with something speical?

Then create the thank you cards yourself as well. Add lovely photos of your baby and a personal message. This card contains your sincere appreciation.

Create the thank you cards now with the software

Create your own birth announcement cards and thank you cards. Try out different ideas and design possibilities in the software. Thank the guests for the visit and wonderful gifts with a special self-designed card.
Here is an example of the inside of the birth announcement card. Important information should not be missing, such as birth date, time, weight and height.

What should not be missing in a birth announcement card?

Besides one or more photos of your baby, the basic information like name, birthday, weight and height should not be left out. You can deliver the message with an impressive design.

The different kinds of cards

We provide folded cards with horizontal as well as vertical fold. You can add photos, a personal message or even a nice quote. Both types of folded cards are available in different sizes.

The design possibilities in the software

Here is an overview of the different functions in the software:

  • Image functions - To zoom, rotate and mirror images
  • Appearance - To adjust opacity, insert and align images
  • Effects and filters - To adjust the brightness, contrast and hue
  • Text box - To edit font, font colour and add effects
  • Frames / Masks - Different design possibilities

What does my photo card look like?

Order the free sample in advance

Are you not sure, which paper or format is the best for your cards? Then you can order a free sample card with your photo. Let yourself be convinced of the quality of our photo cards.

If you are convinced of the quality of the sample card, open your saved project in the software and order the quantity needed with the right paper and envelopes - Mission complete!

How to order the free sample card:

  • Select "free sample" under order quantity in the configurator
  • Then create your individual card
  • Save your project
  • Order the sample card without any risk

Download software now & create sample card for free

Templates for birth announcement cards

Here are the different options

Here are the different templates for birth announcement cards. They can be found in the software and edited according to your needs. You can add your favorite photos, or change the texts, fonts and font colours.

Of course, you can also make the design all by yourself. Take advantage of the different function in the software and be your own designer.

Design of birth announcement cards
Template of birth announcement card blue
Birth announcement cards pink with photo
Birth announcement card pink with photos

Design of birth announcement card blue with photos
Design template for birth announcement card
birth announcement card blue
birth announcement card blue with photos

Discover the different paper kinds of birth announcement cards

Which paper would you like to use?

Classic is a bright white, matte paper

"Classic" Paper

The "Classic" paper type with a weight of 300 g/m² boasts an extremely smooth and bright white matte surface. The 6-colour print ensures brilliant colours in lifelike photo quality.

Structured paper

"Structured" Paper

The "Structured" paper with 300g/m² not only gives your card character, but also has a high recognition value. The 6-colour print ensures brilliant colours in lifelike photo quality.

Pearl paper containing characteristic shimmer reflections

"Pearl" Paper

If you place a high value on design, the "Pearl" paper is exactly the right choice. The extraordinary surface features intense, shimmering reflections. The 6-colour print produces brilliant colours in lifelike photo quality.

Für alle drei Papiersorten der Fotokarten ist ein ICC-Profil verfügbar. Das Profil kann hier heruntergeladen werden.
Gestalten Sie mit der Saal Design Software einzigartige Geburtskarten. Mit tollen Fotos von Ihrem Baby und passenden Farben. Runden Sie das Gesamtbild mit einem persönlichen Text ab.

The powerful software

Quick download. Ready for design immediately.

Download the Saal Design Software for free and create your unique photo cards.

Our templates of baby cards help you with your design. Colours and fonts can be easily adjusted according to your taste. Discover our fascinating filters and effects. Just try it out!

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