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First, let us introduce ourselves

Our mission

We work every day to keep our customers’ memories printed on high-quality photo products, so that their precious memories will last for many years to come and be preserved over time.

Our vision

We have embraced the power of digital to offer our customers the opportunity to keep their memories, valuable pictures and photo projects not only as prints, but also in a digitally secure format which they can access from any device, anywhere, and share online.

Our values



All Saal employees have adhered to codes of conduct and internal policies which govern their basic behavior in terms of ethical work, impartial and equal treatment, diversity, data protection, and respect for the environment. These codes are continually revised and expanded to adapt to the current needs of society.



Offering the best quality is a major commitment for us. We ensure this with strict quality controls and by always listening to our customers' opinions. This lets us guarantee and constantly improve the quality of our service and products to meet our customers' expectations.



We are constantly asking ourselves how we can avoid wasting materials, energy and effort without compromising on quality and the other important values we have listed so far. This approach keeps the Saal Team actively seeking ways to keep improving for all stakeholders while being sustainable.


How we care for the environment

We are aware of our environmental responsibility, and we constantly encourage our employees, clients and partners to work toward more responsible management of natural resources while reducing environmental impact whenever possible. Only by raising awareness can all stakeholders be aligned to the same goal of identifying and measuring risks as well as opportunities to reduce environmental impact, while contributing to sustainable business development.

Green energy

Our goal is to generate or purchase as much energy as possible from clean, green sources. Not only does this approach contribute to reducing our carbon footprint, but it makes us more autonomous and less reliant on third-party energy providers, especially when it comes to auto-generated solar energy.


Our solar panels

More than 3,000 m2 of solar panels (with more than 600 kWh installed capacity) were connected to Saal’s network in November 2020. Since then, we have been proud to be able to meet a significant percentage of our production energy demand with just our solar panels, covering up to 100% of our energy needs on many occasions.


Transition to electric mobility

We have implemented a sustainable mobility plan involving the electrification of our vehicles and have provided the means for our employees to optionally transition to electric mobility free of CO2 emissions as well. This mobility plan has resulted in the acquisition of many vehicles with electric or hybrid propulsion for the company's fleet.


We are also aware of the importance of waste sorting and recycling. For this reason, we have been sorting waste into separate bins in all our offices and facilities for years. These recycling stations use the same color-coding scheme as the dumpsters on the street and are labeled with lists and pictures of the corresponding waste.

Optimization of resources

The optimization of resources is one of the most significant aspects of our commitment to the environment. That is why we have been optimizing all processes related to the use of materials and energy for years in order to reduce our environmental footprint little by little. With this premise in mind, we adjust all our internal processes at the organizational level by raising personal awareness in our employees and by judiciously selecting the partners with whom we work.


Energy efficiency

We optimize our facilities to obtain high energy efficiency. Our production halls, offices and all our machinery are optimized to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact.


Raw material usage (less scrap)

Our demanding production processes are aimed at making the best possible use of raw materials and thus generating as little waste as possible. To this end, we apply universal quality standards, perform meticulous studies when designing and manufacturing products, have specialized machinery and implement exhaustive controls to minimize any kind of error. All these measures help reduce our production waste to a minimum.

Packaging and delivery


Less than 3% plastic usage in packaging

For years, we have set out to reduce the amount of material used in our packaging. This commitment has resulted in less than 3% plastic usage in our current packaging. As we are aware of the importance of this matter, we continue to seek alternatives for improving the quality of our packaging, both in terms of the environment and for our customers. Our goal is to reduce the material we use in packaging by 30% in 2023. We are convinced that this will be a win-win for all parties: organization, customers, transport partners and the environment.


Reducing the CO2 footprint on delivery

Our commitment to the environment also includes choosing the best partners for shipping our products to our customers. That’s why we also take the sustainability and CO2 emission reduction policies of the logistics companies we work with, such as DHL’s GoGreen initiative and Post AT’s CO2-Neutral certificate, into account. These CO2-neutral certifications are very important to us, as we share the responsibility for climate-friendly shipping with these transport companies.


Responsibility to suppliers

Our suppliers must accept and comply with all the policies and principles contained in our code of conduct. To ensure compliance, Saal will ask them for the necessary information to certify this.

To work with us, they need to accept our code of conduct related to ethical work and respect for the environment.


Responsibility to employees

At Saal, we follow a remote-first workplace strategy. As long as a job can be fully performed remotely, our employees are offered the option of working from home or another location outside of our corporate offices by default. Those who still prefer to work in a traditional office space can do so with no problem. What are the benefits?

  • Greater employee satisfaction. Employees value the flexibility that comes with working from home.
  • Avoid CO2 emissions due to transportation. Not only is this an environmentally friendly approach, but it also helps our employees save on commuting time and transportation costs.
  • Flexible working hours. We support asynchronous work for most positions, so there is no need to be present at a specific time.
  • Inclusivity. By removing the obstacles inherent in traveling to a physical location, we manage to integrate more employees and create equal career opportunities for everyone.
  • Transparent communication. A centralized knowledge base and remote communication give all employees, regardless of their location, the same opportunities to access general or department-specific information.
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