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Chip Foto Video 2022

Test winner CHIP PHOTO VIDEO 11/2022

"Saal Digital secures the crown in the imaged photo books again this year with an overall rating of 1.2 (very good). The range and the very clear and intuitive design software were particularly convincing."

"The image quality is very good, and we only see a little room for improvement in terms of sharpness and color reproduction. We also give the workmanship a "very good, ..." rating.

Chip Foto Video 2021

Test winner CHIP FOTO-VIDEO 12/2021

“First-class software with very intuitive operation, image quality and range of products”

“When it comes to exposed Photo Books on real photo paper, Saal Digital is way ahead: excellent image quality meets an extensive range and accessible software. Two tiny slip-ups in the finishing cost the book the perfect rating in the end; still first class!”

FotoMagazin 2020

fotoMagazin 09/2020: Overall rating very good

“At Saal, we treated ourselves to something special: The ’’Professional Line’’ Photo Book […]”

“The acrylic glass cover is surprisingly light and has a fascinating glossy depth. The book does not show barcodes or logos.”

“Portraits and black and white pictures are very appealing.”


Test winner CHIP FOTO-VIDEO 11/2019

“The defending champion does everything right this time too: the range and software are unrivalled in digital printing.”

“The intuitive handling of the configurator is complemented by a wide range of options. The overall image quality is very good, despite a few slight weaknesses in color reproduction, brightness and the contrasts displayed.”

“Software, offer and processing are second to none and helped the Saal Photo Book win for the second time in a row.


FOTOHITS 5/2019: Overall rating excellent

“For creation options and quality: All things considered, Saal Digital’s Photo Book undoubtedly belongs to the top class.”

“Saal Digital offers many ways to create the Book, such as the professional upload, with plugins for Photoshop and InDesign as well as file templates with exact dimensions and the PDF upload including ICC profiles. Alternatively, the Books can also be designed offline using the Saal Design software, which offers more design options than many other Photo Book creation programs, for example for text formatting.” 2019 Overall rating very good

“Saal Digital’s exquisitely manufactured Photo Canvas and sharp, high-contrast printing are impressive.”

“Saal Digital’s exquisitely manufactured Photo Canvas and sharp, high-contrast print are impressive.” High color fidelity to the original image also distinguishes the canvas from others. The black shadow gap frame with the 8 mm wide visible gap enhances the canvas enormously. The textile fabric Saal Digital uses has a very nice feel. The 2 cm real wood stretcher frame is very neatly finished and is highly stable. The Photo Canvas from Saal Digital comes with a mounting kit and additional wall buffers. This overall offer is rated as very good.”


Test winner CHIP FOTO-VIDEO 12/2018

“Saal Digital won us over with exposure and digital printing.”

“Last year, we concluded that good quality does not have to be expensive. This conclusion only applies to a limited extent to the current Photo Book test […]”

“However, test winner Saal Digital demonstrates that high quality has its price. The provider takes first place for both versions, with Photo Books in digital printing and with real photo paper costing 35 euros each. Add 4 euros to that for shipping and handling. It’s not a bargain, but it’s still our price tip.” 2016 Overall rating very good

“As usual, Saal delivered a superbly bound exposed Photo Book with brilliant photos in record time.”

“The finishes provide a big plus in terms of feel. The look & feel come across as particularly valuable.”

“A clear recommendation for Photo Books that need to look particularly elegant.” 2016 Overall rating very good

“The pictures in the Photo Calendar are sharp, and details correspond to the original.”

“At Saal Digital, you’ll find everything you need to create a Photo Calendar.”

“Instead of standard cookie-cutter layouts, the software gives you the opportunity to design your calendar as uniquely as possible with the least effort.” Top Shop

“At Saal Digital, you’ll find an extremely diverse range of photo products”

“Photo Booklets and Photo Books are part of the product rage in upscale quality — e.g. pictures that take up two pages are printed in such a way that the page crease does not disturb the overall appearance.”

Fotobuch Vergleichtest

Photo Book | Comparison test: We give 5 stars

“The quality of the Photo Books is the best we’ve ever seen.”

“The photos in particular look brilliant — it doesn’t get any better than that.”

“If you’re looking for the best photo quality above all else, Saal Digital is the right choice when it comes to Photo Books.”

Trusted 2015

trusted: Overall rating very good

“A Photo Book that’s hard to beat in terms of quality.”

“In the test, the Photo Book was delivered within 48 hours, making Saal Digital one of the fastest providers.”

“Numerous functions from automatic image optimization to image editing tools such as color filters & effects are available.”

fotoMagazin 2015

fotoMagazin: Test Winner Exposure

“If you opt for an exposed Photo Book on real photo paper, you’ll get the best, well-rounded package with good software and the best image quality at Saal.”

“By the way, Saal uses significantly smaller QR codes, which are not particularly noticeable”

“We found attractive book templates at Saal […].”

Edition: 09/2015, fotoMagazin

Photographie 2015

Photography: Test Winner Comparison Test Photo Books

“Saal Digital has an impressive complete service offer”
“If you order in the morning, you will usually receive your book the next day — and the speed does not diminish the quality at all.”
“Color brilliance and sharpness are excellent”
“Even the transitions between the sharp and blurred areas are smooth, without steps or moiré.”
“In fact, with Saal Digital, you have the best chance of getting a professional quality book in the shortest possible time.”
Edition: 06/2015, Photography

foto Magazin 2014

foto Magazin: Saal Digital Test Winner Exposure

“Quality at the highest level”
“The most rounded overall result of all the exposed Photo Books”
“An all-round pleasing Book that doesn’t make any blunders and displays quality at the highest level.”
“All images were neutral and well exposed, text was finely typeset, and the cover and binding were neatly finished.”

Edition: 12/2014, foto Magazin

Fotobuch Magazin calendar 2014

Photo Book magazine: Photo Calendars in test

“Print quality & color fidelity: Excellent”

Print quality & color fidelity: “Excellent” — 40% rating
Finishing: “very good” — 20% rating
Production: “very good” — 10% rating
Support: “very good” — 10% rating
Hotline costs: “very good” — 5% rating
Delivery: “excellent” — 5% rating
Price: “very good” — 5% rating
Shipping: “good” — 5% rating

Photographie 2014

Photography: Photo Book test winner 06/2014

“(…) that Saal Digital sets the standard in the Photo Book market.”

“Especially in terms of price and speed of delivery, we are looking at knockout victories.”
“Summary of other plus points: Saal Digital does not force its logo on anyone.”
“Color management proves itself; color fidelity is particularly high with […] Saal Digital […].” Real Photo Calendar “Very Good”

“Razor-sharp details and brilliant colors”

“Excellent print result in terms of image sharpness and color fidelity”
“Exposure on photo paper still delivers the best results”
“One of the highlights at the moment is the oversized Panorama Calendar (…), which already looks like a large work of art […]”
“Large selection of calendars, and the editing of the calendar within the software is excellent”

foto Magazin 2013

foto Magazin: Saal Digital Test Winner Exposure

“Exposed photos for professionals”

“The alignment aids, which offer everything you need including size adjustment for picture boxes, are very good.”
“The interface conveys professionalism and actually offers almost everything you need for the high-quality design of a book.”
“The Book with the matte cover is very well finished.”

Edition: 12/2013, foto Magazin

Photographie 2013

Photography: Saal Digital Test Winner Comparison Test Photo Calendar

“The Saal Calendar offers the greatest design freedom, especially for Table Calendars”.

“When it comes to design freedom, Saal is by far the best in the test”
“Calendar design at Saal comes closest to professional desktop publishing”
“We liked Saal the best, both in terms of Calendar design and image quality.”

Edition: 12/2013, Photography

Foto Praxis 2013

Foto Praxis: Saal Digital test winner

“The Photo Book from Saal Digital is of excellent quality.”

“Saal Digital takes a special approach with its Layflat binding, which glues the page sheets together at the backs, delivering a Photo Book that is simultaneously slim and solid.”

“Saal Digital only offers real photo paper options — this means the images are of exceptionally high quality.”

Edition: 05/2013, Foto Praxis

Camera 2013

Camera: Saal Digital test winner

“We really liked the Book’s matte printed cover.”

“Saal Digital only prints Photo Books on real photo paper. ”We really liked the Book’s matte printed cover."

“You configure them using an interactive sidebar. There are several setting options available, depending on the type of box you activate. Interactive, magnetic guides support you in creating a precise layout.”

Edition: 04/2013, camera Fotomagazin

CanonFoto 2013

CanonFoto: Test rating “Very good”

“Saal Digital scores points with very good contrasts and a clean finish.”

Edition: 02/2013, Canon Foto

User tests

Saal Photo Book tested


“[…] Wolfgang Witt sat down with the design software, a program that was completely unknown to him, and had his initial result after about an hour’s work. Tester Dorothea Hartmannshenn also describes the user interface as clear, intuitive and easy to understand. [...]”

“[…] the delivery time of the Photo Book was almost measured in hours by most readers. Hansjörg Rummel sums it up like this: Uploaded pictures in the evening, around 10 pm. Dispatch confirmation already the next afternoon. Book arrived one day after dispatch. Very positive! […]”

Foto Magazin 2012

Photo Book magazine test winner

“Saal Digital: Photo Book test winner 2012”.

“Saal’s exemplary quality in imaging and binding wins us over without reservation. Excellent color fidelity to the submitted photos, the lowest curvature in the Book fold with panorama binding and very good support make Saal a first-class provider at favorable prices. 2013

Recommended by

“The Photo Book with exposed photo paper from Saal Digital is absolutely recommended”.

“I ordered the Photo Book on Sunday, June 10th in the afternoon, and on June 13th, the Photo Book had already arrived”.
“As expected, the quality of the photos was more than satisfactory. The exposed photos showed even the smallest details in razor sharp resolution, and the high color fidelity was amazing.”
“The unfolded pages lay perfectly flat, which makes large landscape photos in particular stand out very well.”

Photographie 2012

PHOTOGRAPHY test winner

“If your focus is on image quality, and you want to see your photos exactly as you laid them out, Saal is the first choice.”

“[…] In contrast to the competition’s design programs, Saal always lays out a double page. This is partly because Saal only offers real Photo Books with Leporello binding, so photos can always be drawn across double pages. […]”
“[…] The Saal Design software can now also convert Books, suggest the appropriate formats, and tell you how much the conversion will increase or decrease the price of the book before you convert it. […]”
“[…] The product reached us after three days. The book is flawless and was exposed absolutely neutrally. […]”

FotoHits 2012

FOTO HITS Reader Stress Test

The readers of the trade magazine FOTO HITS were asked to test Photo Books themselves.

Carola Schmitt:
“[…] she likes the corresponding functions of the Saal software. For her, their program is the winner in this test […]”
“[…] she likes the features in the Saal Design program, such as using an eyedropper to take a point of color from the photo and using the tone for coloring the text. […]”

Simon Liu:
“[…] has been won over by the overall impression of Saal Digital’s books: He rates the overall finish as ”Very Good" and emphasizes the Book’s clean, discreet binding. …"

Ronald Kuhn:
“[…] The binding in the Saal Books is almost invisible due to the panorama binding. […]”

Chip Foto Video Archive


“Saal Digital — The best picture quality”

“[…] We were completely won over by the inside pages of the printed Photo Book; the colors are pleasantly natural, and the depths and highlights are well-defined. The images appear crisp without being over-sharpened […]”

“[…] Very good picture quality, software for Windows, Mac and Linux […]”
“[…] Saal also prints the inside cover […]”

Digital Photo Archive

DigitalPhoto recommendation!

“Saal Digital is one of the top sellers!”

“The prints from Saal Digital reproduce the original images very well.”
“[…] The quality of the prints varies greatly and ranges from very good to sufficient. It is particularly impressive with […] Saal Digital. […] The black and white image details are preserved; highlights don’t burn out, and depths aren’t diminished. The prints are clear and sharp. They do not show the edging that sometimes occurs with competitors due to too much re-sharpening, too high a gradation or too much saturation.”

“Saal Digital gets our recommendation because of the good image quality and short turnaround time.”

Chip Photo Video 2009


“Good all round and delivered quickly”

“The test winner is ahead of the other providers in detail with its best Photo Book. The exposure on photo paper produced pictures that looked clear and brilliant with no raster artifacts. The sheets are neatly glued together; there are virtually no visible steps in color gradients. The sharpness could be a bit crisper at first glance, but the critical areas with fine details were impressive with great brilliance. It couldn’t be quicker; it only took two days for the Photo Book to arrive in your mailbox after you sent off the order. And in terms of price, Saal Digital is one of the more economic manufacturers […]”

“Brilliant images without artifacts, solid cover and page templates.”
“Ideal for panorama shots: The test winner uses binding without any annoying folds.”


DigitalPHOTO ( test winner

“Test rating: very good”

DigitalPhoto tested 5 image services:
Color reproduction, color consistency, packaging and turnaround time as well as price/performance.

“The delivery from Saal Digital arrived quickly, after 2 working days […]”
“Color-consistent paper prints across all format sizes […]”
“[…] Saal Digital meets our color expectations.”
“[…] half the price in all 3 format sizes […]”