The High-end Photobook of Saal Digital

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The High-end Photobook of Saal Digital

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Trusted: A photobook with almost unbeatable quality fotoMagazin: Best in Test - Photo Development Test result: very good Very good and quick delivery Saal absolutely proves itself through the exemplary quality. The developed photos present fantastic details with excellent sharpenss and colour fidelity. Saal Digital wins extra points through the excellent contrasts and fine workmanship. The quality of the photobooks is the best we've ever seen. We really like the matte cover of the photobook. With the highest quality (...), that Saal Digital sets the benchmark in the photobook market. Very attractive prices, also for wall decors and FineArt prints The quality of the photobook from Saal Digital is excellent.

Layflat binding

Perfect layflat design with no distracting gutters, ideal for full panoramic spreads

Saal Digital refrains from logo usage on our products. It is also possible to remove the barcode.

Quick as a flash

We guarantee a quick turnaround, usually 1 - 2 business days, and fast delivery times.

True colours

Absolutely colourfast for at least 75 years

Top Quality

HighEnd photo products with brilliant quality - that's what Saal Digital stands for. Our goal is to always offer you the maximum product quality. With us, your pictures are in the best hands!

Fast Delivery

You will be able to obtain your highly anticipated photo product as quickly as possible. With a production time of only a few working days, we guarantee you a fast delivery.

Directly from the Manufacturer

Transparency is important to us: At Saal Digital, you receive all of your products directly from the manufacturer. This guarantees fast delivery and smooth communication without going through a third party.

We refrain from using any manufacturer logo on all of our products. This way, you get a completely neutral product in top quality and can use the entire design area without any distractions.

Risk Free Ordering

We offer you various options for the payment of your orders: Choose a payment method such as direct debit, credit card or PayPal.

Satisfaction Guarantee

At Saal Digital you can order in comfort, because your satisfaction is a central part of our company philosophy. We want you to be happy with your products. Nevertheless, should you have a reason to place complaint, we will certainly find a satisfactory and fast resolution for you - whether it is new production, voucher or credit, we will make it right!

Which format best suits you?

The Portrait Flair

Layflat Binding

Lay flat photo book

Perfectly flat page layout

Thanks to the LayFlat binding, you can personlise a book with your images across an entire double page spread without losing important picture elements! In order to provide you with sufficient space, our photobooks are available in almost all sizes starting at 26 and up to 120 pages. The only exception is the format 16.5 x 11 landscape photobook, where the maximum page count is 100. You can also easily choose more pages for your photobook in 2-page increments.

Three different paper types to choose from

Choose from three paper options available for the inner pages. Choose from glossy, matte and premium matte finishes and discover your favourite! Regardless of which you create your photobook with, we emphasize a great importance to long-lasting and brilliant colours, guaranteeing a professional photobook with Saal Digital quality.

The Premium Photobook Cover

Leather White
Leather White
Leather Sapphire Black
Leather Sapphire Black
Leather Cream
Leather Cream
Leather Titanium
Leather Titanium
Leather Cognac
Leather Cognac
Wood Look Slate
Wood Look Slate
Wood Look Taupe
Wood Look Taupe
Metallic Gold
Metallic Gold
Metallic Silver
Metallic Silver
Egg Shell Linen
Linen Eggshell
Light Blue Linen
Linen Light Blue
Light Pink Linen
Linen Light Pink
White Linen
Linen White

The Photobook Gift Box

Photobook gift box

A Big Introduction - The Photobook Gift Box

The photobook and the gift box simply belong together and not just for appearances. It is elegant and provides an all-round protection in one.

Perfect Fit

The photobook gift box in tested and proven Saal quality is available in glossy white and matte anthracite, available for all hardcover formats and without a logo or a barcode.

Your Photobook without a Barcode

Photobook without a barcode

No Barcode

Optionally, the barcode can also be omitted, which allows you to personalise your photobook for a classy and high-quality presentation of your pictures.

No Manufacturer Logo

We do not include a manufacturers logo on any of our photo products. However, our photobooks contain a small barcode on the back cover and on the last page. This does not contain any references to us as a manufacturer or as a customer.

Photobook with a padded cover

The feel of the padded cover, whether with photo paper or leatherette, is indescribable and leaves an even more valuable impression.

Your cover with a soft padding

Enhance your premium hardcover photobook with another feature by choosing the "padded" option. The cover is filled with an additional soft (3 mm) padded layer and provides a superb touch of class to any book that it is adorned to.

Noticeable Difference

Once you hold your book in your hands, you will not only see the difference but also feel it! This option is available for all cover types, from glossy or matte to leather and linen.

Photobook XT (extra thick)

The photobook XT (extra thick) has thicker pages than the normal photobooks. The thickness is 1.08 mm with a grammage of 600 g/m².

The Pages

The difference is in weight and number of the pages. In our photobooks, two pages are glued together. The pages of the XT photobook are additionally supported by a cardboard substrate with a weight of 600 g/m² and have a very special feel.

Individual Page Count

The thicker pages of the photobook XT reduce the maximum page count down to 36 pages. Starting with 10 pages, you can expand your photobook XT, as usual, in the 2-page increments.

A selection of product reviews from our customers

Would you like to create a photobook with your memories, but are not not exactly sure how you want to design it?
Let yourself be inspired by the product reviews from our customers and get valuable tips and suggestions for your photobook design!


I have always been very sceptical about photobooks as I have seen some truly horrific ones and always never thought that I would have any use for them. I'd heard and seen some great things about Saal Digital, so when they gave me the opportunity to try out one of their books, I decided to take the plunge! MAKING YOUR PHOTOBOOK The process was actually one of the simplest I have ever been through! All you do is download their design software (which actually works), go through the steps to pick the specifications for the book you want to make i.e. size, amount of pages, cover material etc. Then once, you have picked all of your specs, it's time to lay out your pages. Make sure you have all the photos you want to put in your photobook, upload them to the software and then you're ready to start placing your photos. Simply drag and drop your photos where you want them, and zoom, crop of swap them around until you have the layout that you want. It really is that easy. When I received my photobook, I was so surprised by the amazing quality and the finish! The embossed black cover text was complimented beautifully by the off-white linen of the cover, and the pages and made from a beautiful matte finish thick stock, that doesn't leave fingerprints and enhances the look of the images. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Here's the specification for the exact photobook that I printed: Dimensions: 28 x 19 (landscape) Page finish: Matte No. of pages: 26 pages (including covers) Cover: Linen (off-white) + unpadded With so much freedom to design how you want, and no need to keep the features you don't need, your work becomes the focus and my book feels unique and personal. I HUGELY recommend Saal Digital if you're looking to get a photobook or any other photo prints made, whether it be for yourself or as a gift. I have always enjoyed having my work in print and am so glad I have this book to cherish some of my favourite images from my most recent trip to Iceland.


Below is a short review for Saal Digital UK. Hi everyone, I am a landscape photographer based in the beautiful Co Clare, Ireland and I am lucky enough to be close to many spectacular areas along the ‘Wild Atlantic Coast’, I focus my photography through mindfulness and this allows me to see, feel and understand the moment at hand and it is also an aid for relaxation. From time to time I put books together of my images as it is always nice to see your photos in print and recently I was able to this with thanks to #saaldigital I have to say that from start to finish this company was a pleasure to deal with, from their customer service to the delivery of my order and of course the quality of the book. I chose to create a book to show my images across both pages and in a gloss finish, the quality of the paper is excellent and the book in general has a sturdy, professional feel to it. You can download the software from Saal Digital UK directly and this gives you many options, sizes, templates, finishing touches etc and you could have your book created in as less than 30 minutes, customer service is always there to assist if needed also. Delivery was super fast and the book was well packaged, the book was sealed and in perfect condition when it arrived to my door. Overall, I am a very happy customer who will certainly use Saal Digital UK again, they also do some wall art and I hope to review this also very soon. If you want to display your images or create a portfolio then this is for you … see below some images of my recent book. 9/10 as nobody is perfect :) J

Frequently asked questions about the Saal Digital photobook

Do all photobooks have Layflat binding?

The layflat, panorama binding is included in all of our photobooks. You do not have to select it separately.

Is there a fly leaf?

There is no fly leaf included in our photobooks. You can design your book to begin on the inside/back of the cover or you can leave the first and last pages blank to create a fly leaf.

How many pages can my photobook have?

Our photobooks are available from 26 to 120 pages in all formats. The only exception is our 16.5 x 11 photobook where the maximum number of pages is 100.

Text and clipart on leather and linen?

You have the possibility to place text and clip art on the linen and leather cover. This is also possible in colour.

Is there a spelling check?

Our software includes a spell check funtion. Detected errors are underlined in red. You can also add your own words to the dictionary.

Can I label the spine of the book?

You can label the spine by creating a text field and selecting "To book spine" from the menu of the text box.

Customer reviews

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4.8 / 5
of 438 customer reviews
5 stars
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Excerpt from recently published customer comments
Customer review from 23.01.2018
"I love the product! The entire process is nice and easy and when it arrived the quality was phenomenal."
pauline on 19.01.2018
"I have done several photobooks from different companies (different countries too) and I dare to say that this is the best! Reason: 1. Good quality in terms of printing 2. Hardcover, good quality in terms of the book, and the pages (paper) 3. They reply email fast! 4. Delivery is fast as well~ even though its not domestic shipping. They even wrapped the photobook nicely so that it does not get 'destroyed' during the shipping process. So well done :)))) 5. The software is amazing! Quite useful especially for those who do not have much time to design their photobook. They have variety of templates for you to choose, with regards to your 'taste'. Easy to use. You can edit the template or design your photobook from scratch! It's up to you~ I will definitely use it more often for my upcoming travelling trips. (and if there's discount code XD for students, or else I have to re-think abt my monthly budget)"
Georgina on 19.01.2018
"Fantastic Service, easy to use software, very please with the quality this is my 2nd book I will be ordering more in the future."
Customer review from 15.01.2018
"Excellent service but make sure everything is perfect before you download your album as there is no going back."
Stu on 15.01.2018
"As a provider of professional aerial photography to the construction sector, we have a need for not just media, but very high quality print reproduction that we can take, display and demonstrate when we may not have access to digital means. (We also love to have photo-books in reception!). On several occasions, SAAL has provided us with exactly what we need. Having tried several providers of such products, we have no hesitation in recommending SAAL, their quality and accuracy of colour print, products backed by very quick delivery and exceptional service has demonstrated to us that they are the ones we will be working with in the future."
Kevin on 10.01.2018
"Just received my photo book, wow it's really good, nice quality bright print, and very good quality paper, overall Iam extremely pleased. On the down side, one corner of the book is damaged, very possible in the post, which was disappointing as this Is an advert for my work, so not to happy with DHL."
Customer review from 10.01.2018
"The photobook is amazing and sturdy. There are alot of templates to choose from and paper types."
Melanie on 05.01.2018
"Just completed compiling a book on our trip to Scotland. The process was easy, liked the way you could move the detail within the images and the method of easily enlarging images. Can't wait for the finished book to arrive. Would use again."
Megan on 03.01.2018
"Overall very great quality. Lovely thick paper stock and hardback book very nicely put together. Fantastic customer service and communication from start to finish. A few of my images came out a little darker than I expected them to. Also found it a little frustrating that the photobook sizes aren’t standard sizes such as A4 and are different dimensions so I did end up having to start my design again, however the website is very helpful with all the Indesign templates there ready to download and use straight away (even if it did take a while to find!) Overall happy with the photobook received."
Angela on 27.12.2017
"Quality finished product, I was so pleased when I received the wedding album, first class"
Iko-Ojo on 27.12.2017
"I seized the opportunity to test a SAAL Digital photobook because I absolutely love seeing my work in print and I'm so glad I did! Very pleased with the quality of this book. There are a variety of sizes, papers, covers and more to choose from. Mine is a 21 x 28 portrait photobook with gloss cover and matte (lustre) pages. The entire process to create it was pretty straightforward, the app is very user friendly and delivery was fast! I’m happy to have a lovely physical collection of my work to show off. Really impressed! I will use again and highly recommend this printing service!"
Customer review from 24.12.2017
"I found out about Saal on Instagram, and decided to try it out. As a photographer, it's really important for me to have high quality images to use as a portfolio, and I wanted to try something different than the standard plastic folder port. I put some of my favorite images into a photobook together, and am extremely satisfied and impressed with the outcome. The matte finish on the photos was done perfectly, and the options for a leather cover is a rare find for photobooks. There are plenty of options for layouts, so the book had plenty of variety to keep it stylish and interesting. I would definitely recommend Saal to anyone looking for any type of prints, from the average person looking to give a gift, to professional photographers wanting to show off their work."
Jason on 23.12.2017
"What a truly amazing product. From start to finish it was an easy experience. The website is easy to navigate so you can create a wonderful end product exacrly to your specification. Delivery time was Quick and easy and the end product is a very professional quality. Would highly reccomend and will Definitely be using again in the near future."
Jason on 23.12.2017
"What a truly wonderful product. The website was very informative and easy to navigate when creating the photo book, giving a great indication on how the final product would come out. Delivery time took no time at all which surprised me due to the nature of the product but I have no complaints what so ever and was thrilled with my photobook when it arrived. A very professional finish. Would highly recommend and will definitely be using this service again in the near future. Thank you."
Jack on 23.12.2017
"Having heard a lot about Saal-Digital, I decided to order my Photobooks that I produce for my photography business through them this year. And they certainly delivered. Even on the basic standard paper I ordered my first one on, the quality is outstanding and I imagine on the best quality paper they offer, it would look mind-blowing. The delivery is exceptionally fast, taking only 5 days to reach me in the UK from Germany, better than many of the printing services in the UK, and for roughly the same cost! The layflat binding is very impressive, and my panoramic photographs look incredible on it, so Saal should be congratulated on their industry-leading printing technology. Not the cheapest photobooks, but absolutely worth it for the quality of the product. 10/10 - do not miss out!"